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Customer Care team

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Getting in touch

By Phone

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You can phone our Customer Care team on 0345 6037300.

Our lines are open 9am to 5pm every Monday to Friday.

By Email

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Use the form at the bottom of this page to email us your enquiry or use:  info@heronfoods.com

Write to us

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Heron Foods Ltd, Jackson Way, Melton, East Yorkshire HU14 3HJ


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Website FAQ's

Why can’t I buy from your website?

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Our website does not currently offer any form of transaction, the products shown are solely for the purpose of information and engagement. Products advertised will be available to purchase from your local Heron Foods store (subject to availability). Check out our store locator to find your nearest store.

Can’t Find An Item (Do You Stock…)

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Sadly, we do not offer store level stock checks at this current time.  All products and prices advertised on the website and across our social platforms are ‘subject to availability’ and may include stock which is only sold in selected stores.  When you are next shopping, please ask a member of staff in store and they will assist you.

In Store Home Delivery

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At selected stores

Products FAQ's

Product Out of Date

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Thank you for contacting us via our Website.  I am sorry that you have had to bring this matter to our attention.  All stores have strict systems in place with regards to stock rotation and date checking; usually the system is very robust.  Please can you send through photographs of the product dates and receipt to customerservices@heronfoods.com along with your full name and postal address.  Please be reassured that this will be thoroughly investigated and corrective actions will be put in place where required to prevent further issues in the future.  Please note a product sold beyond it best before date does not pose any risk to health.

Quality issue

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I am sorry to hear that you have had an unsatisfactory product.  We would ask you to return the product/packaging/receipt back to the store where the staff will be able to assist you.

Returning Items

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I am sorry to hear that your purchase did not meet up to your expectations or satisfaction.  Unfortunately, once the item left the store we cannot accept returns or replace items because the requirements to preserve the safety of the product cannot be guaranteed.

Age Restricted Items

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Thank you for taking the time to contact Heron Foods and thank you for your feedback. Staff are trained to follow procedures when a customer is trying to purchase a product which has a legal minimum age requirement to do so. This is part of our Challenge 25 policy that we follow in all stores.

Product Recall

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From time to time we need to recall products due to issues raised from manufacture. When this happens, our stores will display notices in prominent locations to make all customers aware. If you have a product which has been recalled, simply return it to your local store for a full refund.

Payment FAQ's

Over Charged for an Item

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Thank you for taking the time to contact Heron Foods and thank you for your feedback.  I am sorry that you have had to bring this matter to our attention.  Please can you send through a photograph of your product and your receipt to customerservices@heronfoods.com  or alternatively return to the store and the staff will be able to assist you.

LOVE2SHOP Vouchers

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We currently accept the white paper vouchers and the Mastercard contactless card only at this time. The LOVE2SHOP Gift Card is not Valid in our stores.

Over Charged or Charged Twice for an item

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Thank you for taking the time to contact Heron Foods and thank you for your feedback. I am sorry that you have had to bring this matter to our attention. This is likely a duplicate authorisation by the banks/processors that will clear after 5 business days.

Saving Stamps

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With a Saver Card from Heron, we make it really easy for you to collect and save with us!

Collect saving stamps every time you shop, stick them in your Saver Card and redeem whenever you like, on whatever* you like. It could help you pay for your Christmas food shop in December, save for a special treat during the year or simply make shopping that little bit easier. It’s a great way to save money and we’ll even give you a bonus as a thank you!

Stores FAQ's

How can I call / get in touch with my local store

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Please see the bottom of your receipt for the store number or please call the Heron Foods Store Support Centre telephone number on 0345 603 7300 and they will direct you to your local store.


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Members of the public should report accidents at the time of the incident within the store to the Store or Duty Manager please.

Lost Property

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Thank you for taking the time to contact Heron Foods.  Please can you send through the Store name and location to customerservices@heronfoods.com  along with the date and time you have been in the store and we will be able to check for your lost property or call us at our Store Support Centre on 0345 603 7300.

Rude Staff Member

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Thank you for taking the time to contact Heron Foods and thank you for your feedback.  I am sorry that you have had to bring this matter to our attention. We will forward your comments to the Area Manager to be investigate through our internal policies and procedures.

Carrier bag policy

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Content needed

Covid FAQ's

What are you doing to protect your staff?

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Our colleagues continue to show incredible dedication to keeping the nation fed and ensuring the safety of each other and our customers and we are doing everything in our power to protect our store colleagues.

We have emphasised the importance of social distancing in stores. We have provided store colleagues with face masks along with gloves and additional hand sanitisers. We have also increased our limit for contactless payments to £45.

Are you changing your approach to social distancing in store now that the Government is announcing changes to lockdown measures?

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No, the Government advice around social distancing in supermarkets remains the same.

Is it now mandatory to wear face coverings in your stores?

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Face coverings are now mandatory for all customers and colleagues in retail stores across the UK with the exception of those exempted from wearing them in accordance with the latest Government advice, such as people with relevant health conditions and children under the age of 11. A full list of exemptions can be found on the Government website.

Will you be asking for proof that someone is exempted from wearing a face covering if they attempt to enter one of your stores without doing so?

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No, we won’t be asking for proof but instead ask our customers to act responsibly to protect themselves and each other, adhering to the guidelines set out by the Government.

Will your staff be refusing entry to people not wearing a face covering?

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No, we’re not asking our colleagues to police the system in our stores. We recognise that not all exemptions from the guidance are ‘visible’, therefore we trust our customers to adhere to the rules around mandatory face coverings and shop with us in a safe and responsible way.

Will your staff be wearing face coverings?

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The latest Government guidelines advise that face coverings should be worn by all retail staff and so we are advising our colleagues to wear face coverings whilst on the shop floor, remembering that the exemption list applies to both colleagues and customers alike.

We also will be ensuring Perspex shields are in place within stores for the comfort and safety of both staff and customers in line with the latest Government guidelines.

Is parking available at Heron?

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When you visit a Heron Food store, you may be looking for somewhere to park.

While some of our stores do have free parking on-site, please be aware that some of our stores have parking provided by third-party companies who own the parking areas and are not associated with Heron.

To ensure that you do not fall foul of any unwanted fines or charges, it is important that you check what parking facilities are available to you ahead of your visit (if they are free or if they are run by a third-party company).

If you park on a site where the parking is not provided by Heron, then it is your responsibility to be aware of this and if you choose to park on such a site, that you adhere to the parking rules provided by those parking companies.

Heron will not be responsible for any parking charges that you may incur on a private carpark and we will not refund in part or in full, any parking charges that you incur in the above circumstances.

We want all of our customers to have a great shopping experience. This will be helped by you remaining aware of your parking obligations.

To avoid incurring charges, check by phoning the store ahead of your visit or by looking for signage/asking staff when you arrive.

Careers FAQ's

Job Enquiries

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Please email careers@heronfoods.com advising which store/job role you are interested in.

Not heard back from a job application

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All applications are responded to and notified when a decision has been made.

Depending on your application, you may receive an email or a phone call to discuss the opportunity (I shall gain more information from Recruitment).


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