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Anti Slavery

Our policy

The Heron Foods Ltd prohibits slavery, forced labour and human trafficking of any kind in relation to our business and our supply chain. We support the promotion of ethical business practices and policies to protect workers from any kind of abuse or exploitation in relation to our business and supply chain.

Communication, compliance and risk assessment

In the last year we have taken the following steps in relation to our policy in relation to anti-slavery and human trafficking:

  • we have communicated our Workplace Policy Statement (a copy of which is available by clicking here) to our suppliers, sourcing agents, and employees;
  • we have revised our standard terms and conditions of purchase, making it a condition that our suppliers adhere to our Workplace Policy standards, which enhances the profile and importance of the principles and standards we require them to agree to as a condition of their trading relationships with us;

Our Workplace Policy Statement will be reviewed from time to time, and at least once annually, to determine if any changes are required and any further communication with employees and suppliers.

In relation to the Company’s assessment of risk, a balance is drawn between reasonable reliance on blue-chip brand suppliers who have their own comprehensive procedures and policies in place, and, those where other forms of verification processes are required by Heron Foods Ltd or our sourcing agents.

The vast majority of products which are imported into the UK by Heron Foods Ltd are sourced from Europe.

Where necessary overseas suppliers are required by Heron Foods Ltd or its sourcing agents to provide social compliance reports, as a check on compliance with local laws and regulations including labour practices.

Consequences of failure to comply with our policy by our suppliers

In the event of any suspected failure by a supplier to comply with our Workplace Policy Statement, we will then investigate the circumstances of it with the supplier. In the event of a breach of our policy being identified as a result of such an investigation, we will review what appropriate remedial action we require the supplier to undertake and also determine on a case by case basis whether our trading relationship with that supplier should be monitored, suspended or terminated.

Our commitment

We continue to strive to find effective ways of improving communication and adherence to ethical business practices and assessment of risks and always welcome feedback from all stakeholders in relation to our business. Our policies, procedures and approach to verification processes are geared toward what we think are balanced and reasonable, practical and effective.


This statement has been approved by the Board of Directors and a copy of it has been signed by the company’s MD.


Tony Dobbs, Managing Director

June 2023

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