(8 customer reviews)

Xsell Battered Chicken Nuggets (PMP £1.99) 500g

Xsell Battered Chicken Nuggets (PMP £1.99) 500g

(8 customer reviews)


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8 reviews for Xsell Battered Chicken Nuggets (PMP £1.99) 500g

  1. Dan

    The best Nuggets I have ever tasted!! A much cheaper alternative to a certain Fast Food Chain!

  2. Sharron

    8 chicken steaks like the popular chicken mayo for £1 cant go wrong and tastes identical

  3. Sam

    These must be M&S?!

  4. C M Watkins

    Even though oven baked, tasted identical to a fast food chain! Although instructions for the oven state 12-15mins, I put them in for more like 25-30 to get crispy!

  5. Morgan

    Better nuggets than a certain popular fast food chain. Shame they discontinued the spicy version of these

  6. Danny

    Can’t tell the difference between these and the popular fast food place version

  7. Scott

    Lovely these nuggets are. Not just a maccies copy, they taste exactly the same but a fraction of the cost

  8. James

    These are the nuggets from a specific yellow arched business. Just compare the ingredients. They are fantastic.

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