Rewarding customers for recycling in Leeds

Posted: May 14 2019

Rewarding customers for recycling in Leeds

Heron Foods has installed its first ever ‘recycling reward’ machine, as part of an innovative initiative in its store at the Merrion Centre in Leeds that the company hopes will encourage its customers to recycle more.

The machine is located within the entrance of the store and will encourage customers to dispose of their cans and plastic bottles (up to 2 litres), and in return they will be given a 10p off voucher to spend in store, with vouchers valid for seven days.

The recycling reward machine is part of the #LeedsByExample initiative which started in October 2018. The initiative was set up by the environmental behaviour change charity, Hubbub, and a coalition of funders led by recycling compliance scheme, Ecosurety as a 6-month trial of new approaches to improve recycling on the go.

Heron Store manager, Amir Amin, said:

We’re thrilled to be doing our bit towards the Leeds initiative by making recycling just that little bit easier – and our customers benefit by getting a little something back to help with their shopping budget too.

Gavin Ellis, Director and Co-Founder of Hubbub, said:

We’re delighted that Heron Foods has agreed to host a recycling reward machine in their Merrion Centre store as part of #LeedsByExample. This makes it easier than ever for Heron Foods’ customers to be rewarded for recycling before they do their shopping and for people in Leeds to find a convenient recycling point.

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