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Heron Foods to Sell Eggs from Cage-Free Hens by Target of 2025

Posted: August 17 2016

Heron Foods to Sell Eggs from Cage-Free Hens by Target of 2025

Following recent statements from other UK supermarkets, Melton-based independent grocery retailer Heron Foods has today announced its commitment to work towards selling eggs from non-caged hens in all of its stores by a target date of 2025. This announcement follows a wide ranging consultation with the suppliers of the company’s eggs, who have confirmed their ability to move towards alternative cage-free egg production methods.

Commercial director, Mike Igoe, said: “Our customers have told us they would prefer to buy eggs from non-caged hens. We’re confident we can supply non-caged eggs without it affecting our promise to offer the lowest supermarket prices on the high street.

“We’re committed to working towards ending the sale of eggs from caged hens by a target date of 2025, and we will work with our suppliers to reach this goal by an earlier date if it’s in any way possible.”

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