There and Back Again – Craig is our Heron Hero!

Posted: August 28 2016

After first completing the 13.1 mile Great North Run on Sunday, 11th September 2016 in a time of 1hr 55mins, our Regional Manager, Craig Antrobus, decided that wasn’t enough.

So the following weekend, he (and four other Heron Heroes) cycled 220 miles from Macmillan Cancer Support’s headquarters in central London to Heron Food’s headquarters in Melton, near Hull. Even that though wasn’t going to cut it for Craig, so on Saturday, 25th September 2016, he set out to walk the Yorkshire Three Peaks, not once, but TWICE!

This is Craig’s story of the final part of his adventure – the Yorkshire Three Peaks, or should that be ‘Six Peaks’?!

“So after seeing the weather report for Sunday (plenty of rain) I decided to go for it on Saturday instead. We drove up there Friday night arriving at 11pm. I set the alarm for 3am and set off at approx. 3.30am.

Running in the dark was a real experience, I’ve done the Three Peaks several times, but never in the pitch black with just a head torch for company. How I didn’t get lost I’m not sure!

I fell over only once but no damage done and I sunk into a boggy patch up to the knee! I guess the hardest bit was not looking behind wondering if anything was there, and dealing with the hundreds of eyes glowing in the dark from all the rabbits and sheep staring at me. Very creepy.

Anyway first circuit wasn’t too bad, no rain but plenty of wind. The second circuit was very hard; mind and body struggled at several stages and I hit the wall as they call it several times.

Still 49 miles in total completed, ascending six peaks and 10,400ft (3,170m) in 13hrs and 54mins - first circuit completed in 6hrs, the second in 7hrs 54mins. I’m sure its no record, but looking on Google the fastest I could find was 17hrs 20mins, so not too shabby either!

After the three challenges I’ve completed in the last three weekends (Great North Run, followed by London to Melton cycle, then the Yorkshire Three Peaks) I am now a broken man! As I write this on the second day afterwards, I am struggling to do anything other than a shuffle walk, with just a look at the stairs bringing tears to my eyes. I have to say it is the hardest set of challenges I have ever done – certainly one I will not be repeating! I think it’s fair to say that It is the most pain I’ve been in following any previous challenge. Having said that, I never expected it to be easy and that’s half the reason I did it. Putting it into perspective, no matter what I went through during or after the event is nothing compared to the agony many people suffer on a daily basis. Hopefully if it helps to raise a bit more money for a good cause, every ache and pain I’m now suffering will be well worth it!

Thank you to everyone for supporting me and the team and for your generous donations (but please keep the money coming!) Donations can still be made at

Craig Antrobus
Regional Manager for Region A
Heron Foods

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