Good2Freeze – Good2Know

Good2Freeze is all about making the most of your freezer by rediscovering the goodness in frozen food, whether it’s the ingredients you store in the freezer or frozen ready meals; either ones you’ve bought pre-prepared or you’ve made yourself.

By simply making the most of the freezer, mixing and matching fresh and frozen food for meals each week you can make real savings on your weekly budget and help make the most of the food you buy, safe in the knowledge you’re feeding you and your family well.

We’re working with Birds Eye to bring you loads of Good2Freeze ideas so you can maximise your use of frozen food, make mealtimes easier and quicker and bring you quality food to save you money.

Frozen food lasts longer so you throw away less. It also costs less because you’re able to preserve what you’ve made – for sometimes as long as six months! It’s quick and easy, so all you need to do is look in the freezer for a variety of tasty options. And it’s good quality food - offering a balance of authentic nutritious flavours you can feel happy about serving, and you and your family will love.

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