If it’s frozen, it’s fresh

As you scan over the stacks of ‘fresh’ vegetables, do you ever wonder how long it was since they were picked? Unprepared vegetables don’t have a use by date so you have no idea how long ago the fruit or vegetable has been hanging around since being plucked from the branch or dug from the ground. One of the many benefits of frozen food is that the freezing process is short, sharp and fast. Vegetables are usually frozen within hours of being harvested. This also means there is very little loss of vitamins and minerals so there is a definite nutritional benefit to frozen food.

We’re constantly being tempted to extend the range of foods we eat. We have become used to eating the fruit and vegetables we want, whenever we want them. This is in part improved by freezing, because seasonal crops that are frozen during times when ripening is natural tend to taste better than those grown out of season. Frozen food also makes seasonal food more affordable throughout the year. At Heron, we’ve always brought you the best quality frozen food at the lowest prices. We’re proud to be at the forefront of a step-change in the quality of frozen food in the UK by offering an extended range of products from leading manufacturers including Birds Eye that will change the way you view frozen food forever.

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